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Best I could was load it, start it, read the beginning dialogue, and then run around with either a red screen or a white screen. The level would restart only when I seemed to have fallen off the map. Not sure what else I can do except run, fall down, repeat.

Sorry to hear that, it seems there are problems with some graphics cards, but I don't know why. What model of card do you use?

nvidia GeForce mx250


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Finally a game on itch that wasn't 5 minute torture of emptiness! It was great! Thank you!

Thanks! :D

A very nice puzzle/horror game - like a cross between myst and amnesia.  The puzzles were genuinely challenging, which I appreciate.

The monster had some programming issues and I didn't like the ending (not because I demand a happy one, but because it undermines the premise of the game), but apart from that, it was great.

I'm tipping you 10 bucks for your work.

Wow, thank you very much! Yea, there are still a few bugs that I have to fix, I hope to publish a new version soon, that will solve them. About the end, well, it has a very sharp turn (I do not know if it's the right word) some people will like it, others will not. For me, the most complicated part when you write a story is the end xD

Thanks for playing, and for the donation, that will help me to keep making new and better games, for sure. ;)

The game doesn't start, I let's me select the language but when I press play it instantly closes. :-(


Cool game but it was acting weirdly on my comp so I couldn't get the full experience.

Also apologies for not being able to finish the game in one sitting! :P It kinda got annoying after not making much progress even after 1.5 hours :P xD

I'm sorry to hear that, there seems to be a problem with the fps limit. Wait for the next update, it will be fixed soon.

Sure thing! Can't wait to experience the entire game :D

I have version 1.0.4 and have a problem with it.  Once you start the clock at the beginning and try to move the dials it is nearly impossible.  I click and also try click and drag about 100 times and manage to move the small hand one digit if I'm lucky. I have tried this on mouse as well as Xbox controller with no success.   There is definitely a bug here.  I would have tried 1.0.3 but I don't have access to that older build.  I'm using Windows 10 with most current updates.  Nvidia 1080Ti video card.

This was an amazing game! Good story with an ample amount of content. Keep it up,  dev!

Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it! :D

Pretty awesome game so far! I haven't gotten into the horror aspect as of yet, but I enjoy the puzzle-like gameplay. Nice job, Dev!

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it ;)

is there going to be a 32 bit version of this game?

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Hi,  there is already a 32-bit version, download Nowhere Lost Memories_v1_0_3(x86).zip :)

oh yay! haha i must be blind XD thanks!

An excellent game with a great story and tense atmosphere. I would highly recommend it for all that want a riveting adventure!

That was a pretty long game but I am pleased to complete it, it has a good story with an interesting plot.  When I first began the game it was rolling the credits was that part of the game?  Anyway good job.  5/5.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

The game is not perfect but is fine. The story is cool and the feel of anxiety and loneliness follows you along the game. Maybe some puzzles are a little annoying and it has some physics problems too, but the game designer is working on updates and fixing bugs. In my oppinion is a good terror game for two bucks. Worth it.

Thanks for your comment! :)

Nothing changed with the new versions.  The game crashes  from the beginning.

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Hi, is that windows xp? if so, I'm sorry, but I have not been able to test the compatibility of this game with windows XP, the minimum requirements are windows 7 and up.

Sure you have already tried , but if your OS is old try to execute the x86 version.

What graphics card are you using? this game needs pixel shader 2.0 as a minimum.

Sorry for the problems, I hope we can solve it.

No,  I use Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit (also checked  by Win7 32 bit).

Intel Core i7-3820 CPU  @ 3.60GHz 3.60 GHz

ASUS RADEON  RX 560 Series

I have no idea what the "pixel shader is", I just know that during the last 6 years I have play almost all the released adventures  without any problem...


Damn windows ... don't worry I'll find a solution. The game has almost no downloads, so I don't have enough feedback to know in what specific conditions it fails, but I will try to find out.

Hi, there is a new version with some optimizations, I hope it solves your problem.